Vizitec is a powerful cloud solution that enables you to schedule and deliver your content —anywhere, anytime.

What we do

We offer comprehensive turnkey solutions for Digital Signage — consisting of hardware, software, installation, and the creation of audio and video content, as well as scheduling. In addition, we provide support for and fully service corporate TV channels. Our Digital Signage solutions are versatile, customizable, and uniquely suited to your requirements. We offer a modern and powerful tool that grabs the attention of the audience and has a strong visual impact.

What Vizitec is

Vizitec is a cloud-based software solution which allows you to take control of your screens at anytime, anywhere around the globe. It is versatile, light, and stable. Vizitec offers a wide set of powerful and intelligent features, designed to empower professional signage, to take your business to the next level. The following are some of the advantages of Vizitec:

Easy to use

Accessible from anywhere

Comprehensive solution

Detailed reporting

Media planning

Integrated services

Dynamic content

Remote management

We offer a modern and powerful tool that creates visual impact and grabs attention of the buyer.

Vizitec offers intelligent features designed to empower professional Digital Signage. It is versatile, lightweight and stable.

We offer flexible and customizable solutions unique for the client’s requirements.

Vizitec is a web based and user friendly software solution which allows you to take control of your screens anywhere, anytime around the globe.




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Why you should use Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a powerful and flexible means of communication that displays digital media to a public audience

Digital signage has proven to be a highly effective way to communicate and to drive results in practically any industry

Digital Signage offers you a powerful opportunity to reach your audience at the right place and at the right time

Attract new clients

Use Digital Signage to get your message straight to the intended audience. Let people know about you, your company, your business, and your activities. Grab the public’s attention. Attract new customers

Attract new clients

Improve customer satisfaction

Put the customers’ waiting time to good use. Providing entertainment content in waiting areas considerably improves the perceived waiting time of the customers. Profit from having waiting rooms.

Improve customer satisfaction

Boost your sales

Make your business shine. Boost your sales and profits using Digital Signage to broadcast stunning videos and messages promoting your brand, product, service, or latest offers.

Boost your sales

Train your employees

Communicate effectively with your employees while explaining safety procedures, performance information, new policies, and other vital information. Keep your staff up to date by providing new procedures, internal news, or highlights.

Train your employees

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