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Use Digital Signage to communicate with your guests and visitors. Video walls and HD screens for the reception, lobby area, restaurants, wellness areas, and conference rooms will keep your guests well-informed of forthcoming events within your Hotel or Resort and will guide them throughout their stay. Display any important or useful information about such points of interest as the weather forecast or the stock market.

Financial institutions

Digital Signage in Banks and Financial Institutions improves the communication between the customers and the staff. Keep customers informed of your financial services, current promotions, and latest financial products. Display a wide variety of content such as live financial and Forex exchange data. Provide your customers with entertainment or educational content to reduce their perceived waiting time.


Digital Signage at retail stores creates a stunning impression. Communicate efficiently with customers. Use Digital Signage to attract attention and generate more sales. Promote and provide information about products and services. Strengthen brand awareness. Provide information about your latest products or sales. Display additional information about specialized products. Attract and engage buyers with dynamic visuals and sound that entice them to shop.

Public transportation

Digital Signage can be implemented on trains, buses, and subways, as well as at bus stations, airports, and railway stations. Use Digital Signage to inform, guide, and entertain passengers. Provide useful information such as timetables, directions, emergency messages, or the weather forecast. Inform passengers about delays or cancelations. Due to the large number of people daily using public transportation, this is an excellent opportunity to generate advertising revenues.


In healthcare facilities such as hospitals and clinics, Digital Signage is a well-known solution for keeping patients, visitors, and staff informed at all times. Provide visitors with news and other informative or entertaining content to decrease their perceived waiting time. Display health and safety information or messages about hygiene. Keep employees up-to-date by broadcasting safety procedures, new policies, internal news, or highlights. Digital Signage is especially suitable for providing directions to visitors and patients in the healthcare facility.


Digital Signage is a powerful tool for providing and updating information about movies now playing or upcoming. Promote premiers and special events. Improve efficiency by dynamically updating special offers and ticket prices. Digital Signage reduces printing costs and entertains customers with stunning dynamic content. It contributes to a great and unforgettable experience inside the cinema. Digital Signage can be also used as digital menu boards or to help guests find their way around.

Educational facilities

Digital Signage is widely used in educational facilities such as Schools and Universities. Digital Signage improves communication with students by providing useful information about courses, activities, and upcoming events. Engage students in activities of interest. Provide news, sports updates, and more. Display emergency messages or live breaking news from the TV. Provide directions for the visitors and newcomers.

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