Digital Signage is important to business growth! Why?

Digital Signage is a powerful and effective means of communication that displays digital media content via modern mediums to a public audience. Digital Signage uses an internet connection to deliver dynamic media content to digital screens, so it is easy to update content from anywhere. There are many benefits of using Digital Signage in almost any industry. It completely transforms your business to become more successful and gives you an edge over the competitors. Following are some of the benefits of Digital Signage:

Increases your profits by highlighting your latest products, services, promotions, and discounts

Influences purchasing decisions by using high quality video and audio content

Attracts your customers’ attention and increases audience engagement using impressive dynamic content

Displays various information such as news, the weather forecast, currency exchange information, RSS feeds, and much, much more

Grows your revenue by generating money from advertisers, especially in public areas

Improves your business using a modern approach to corporate communications

Creates a stunning first impression, showing customers that your company is modern and up-to-date

Provides entertainment which helps to reduce customers’ perceived waiting time and enhances the overall experience

Digital menu boards can be edited or updated with ease, presenting info on various meals and their respective ingredients

Increases brand awareness, showing customers all the different products and solutions you provide

Eliminates printing costs by taking advantage of the internet for rapid content distribution

Improves your internal marketing to motivate and empower employees

Move your business to the next level using Vizitec

Customer support

We offer full customer support and provide both audio and video content

Custom design

Custom display design for any environment, in accordance with customer’s needs


Continuous monitoring by qualified personnel of the status of every device connected to your Digital Signage network

Detailed reporting

Reports for file transfers, status of hardware devices, currently playing and previously played back content, and other operational logs

Media planning

Schedule your content and messages by setting the time, date, and location of playback

Multiple regions

Divide your screens into regions and groups, assigning different content to each group

Cloud based

Manage your devices and content with ease — anywhere, anytime via web browser

Multi-user access

Allows the creation of different access rights for various users and detailed reports about their activities

Everything is a snap with Vizitec